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Sounds like a new toy …

Oyster card for the arts in Mayor’s culture masterplan

Sorry to sound like a nay sayer, but this seems a little naive, even ‘Field of Dreams’.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson’s, director of culture, Munira Mirza, said: “It’s early days but we have this technology with Oyster cards and it would be great to use it.”

To early to even conceive a plan before implementing it?

“We want young people to get every opportunity to experience culture, to understand it, and to know it is for them. We want to encourage everyone to participate. It shouldn’t be that people think the National Gallery is just for middle-class white people.

There is a perception that cultural exhibits and events are too expensive but we want to readdress that. A lot of places are working very hard on reducing admission prices.” 

So how does this card change that?


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Ticketmaster Drops its “Convenience” Surcharge

Ticketmaster is reported in the Wall Street Journal, experimenting with the sale of concert tickets without the addition of convenience charges. I always found that the most ridiculous conundrum. Whose convenience, isn’t it just a tax of convenience?

Is this a sign that new CEO Azoff is delivering on his vow “to make the ticketing giant more friendly to consumers and artists.“? Alternatively, it is just a ‘cooperative’ sleight of hand that conveniently hides the “convenience” fees inside the ticket price in the innovative brand new concept of “all-in-ticketing”. 

less than two weeks after the company hired as its chief executive Irving Azoff, the veteran music-industry talent manager whose biggest clients, the Eagles, are also the first act to sell tickets without fees.” Sounds more like a marriage of convenience than anything else … MORE INFO >>

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New Ticketmaster Chief Says Tickets Will Come with Music


Ticketmaster is in the process of reinventing itself as a one-stop shop for all of an artist’s business needs: ticketing, promotion, management and now the distribution of music.

Ticketmaster head Irving Azoff “The biggest misconception about this deal is that Ticketmaster in the future will be what it was in the past,”  MORE HERE >>

It appears that Azoff will end up owning around 4.5% of Ticketmaster and a minority but sizeable shareholding in Front Line Management.

The deal still needs the sign-off of 10% Front Line shareholder Cablevision Systems Corp.

The CEO of Cablevision is James Dolan. Dolan also has his own band, JD & the Straight Shot.

JD & The Straight Shot is managed by … (drum roll please) … Irving Azoff (ka-ching).

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