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Open Systems … not really, Others Follow Google, Amazon Lead in Opening up

This article (well I suspect partly regurgitated press release) talks excitedly about opening its platform to third parties following the models of Google and Amazon.

However, the truth is that “ isn’t making its APIs available to just anyone, though. “It’s not like we’re going to say, ‘here’s the API, go develop and have fun.’ Our clients aren’t asking for that, … They are asking for more flexibility and options, and we want to give them that.

It seems the same old limitations upon innovation as practised by many other ticketing software vendors.

But innovation is being handicapped to ensure they make a buck, “My intent is, yes, to profit from this,”  said John Rizzi, vice president of product marketing and strategy at

In stark contrast to this approach, Fractured Atlas has launched a project ATHENA Tix which is an open source, community-developed event ticketing system. With  the support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, ATHENA Tix has some very interesting goals:

  • Sells tickets exactly the way your organization wants to sell tickets;
  • Is built on the latest and greatest technologies and software methodologies;
  • Integrates with all of the other systems you already have (or might want to get);
  • Makes it easy to try new things and incorporate emerging best practices;
  • Is affordable for small non-profits, and preferably is completely free”

 As the ticketing software market becomes more and more crowded and individual offerings approach commodity status, the existing software will need to be cautious of such innovations built in the open source environment, with added benefit of community support – oh and free or at least not for profit.

The rest of the article, Others Follow Google, Amazon Lead in Opening up discusses Saleforce and how it works with third-party developers. I hope John Rizzi and his colleagues at read that as increasingly needs to be able to offer some decent CRM functionality and Salesforce would be a good option. Patron Manager CRM from Patron Technology has just done exactly that., Others Follow Google, Amazon Lead in Opening up

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