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Is cooperative packaging of options on to a single ticket competitive?

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This is interesting, Smart Destinations has launched a service to tourists that offers numerous attractions that can be purchased all at once on the same portal. The beauty is that the more attractions you buy tickets for at the same time the greater your discount. They claim you can “save up to 55% off buying separate attractions“. It is currently available in 14 cities across the USA.

I am intrigued that they have managed to get the individual attractions to cooperate and sign up and not perceive it as competition. Wouldn’t it be interesting if entertainment options could similarly put concerns of brand based competition at bay and see the greater potential of cooperation?

I find tow elements of this approach disappointing, the requirement for a smart card with its limitation of fulfillment and the requisite dedicated scanning equipment at the entrance of the attraction. 

Surely there are now numerous other ways of verifying validity of a ‘ticket’ and as discussed recently there are several options for validating a ‘ticket’ via a unique identifier. Yes an iPhone application springs to mind, but then several other platforms must be addressed as well (and a minority still own and iPhone or Android). A credit card is used to pay for the package ‘ticket’ online, so maybe it could or should be the ticket as being trialled in Singapore?

Try it out yourself for Chicago online here>>

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