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Has Google entered the travel industry quietly with Flight Search?

While it is currently only for a handful of cities (including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and Minneapolis) and for a few airlines (namely Delta, JetBlue, Continental and American Airlines) … oh and only the US – the introduction of Flight Search will be very interesting to watch as it is rolled out further.

In theory, Flight Search will allow you to search for flights by a variety of criteria including price, location and other combinations including duration, stopovers, even loyalty program etc. It has a simple and intuitive Google Maps style interface and lets you iteratively filter and fine tune an airfare search. This would get even more powerful if Google integrated tools like Street Map, Hotel search and so-on.

An early iteration was launched in May 2011 following  Google’s purchase in July 2010 of ITA for US$700M. ITA is the developer of the airfare search and pricing system QPX that is used by major airlines. There are no clues yet whether this will follow a similar business model as Orbitz, TripAdvisor or Kayak which use QPX and whether Google has or will strike deals with airlines and prioritise ‘searches’ accordingly or whether Google Flight Search will remain definitive and neutral.

What has this got do with Entertainment?

I am glad you asked!  The ITA/Flight Search model accesses various airline schedules and integrates these to offer one view of the various options. I wonder if Google has considered accessing or integrating with the various ticketing services to offer similar functionality for entertainment? It is an interesting idea that you could search what is on in a city independent of the ticketing service selling the event. That sounds like some of the various individual portal projects like in Manchester or others from to However, rather than develop such initiatives from scratch, imagine if Google just included such funtionality? The questions that remain is what business model Google envisages for Flight Search and what would the possibilities be for Event Search 😉

Google Makes Even More Sites Redundant With Introduction Of Flight Search

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So simple, but this could be a great use of transaction data to quantify RFM

This may well be old news to some, but I just loved the simplicity and the subsequent actionability (is that a word?).

I want a ticketing system that offers such a simple KPI of engagement. Gotta copyright that! BUT, you have to start with data that can identify individual customers and build a history of transactions.

Hmmmm, I gotta try this out. Let me know if you do before I do.

Is Recency the Most Important Factor to Drive Engagement?

Oh, I like his name of the source too, Email Yogi: your guide to multi-channel enlightenment😉

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Fractured Atlas release – cloud based precursor to ATHENA is a cloud-based event ticketing and relationship management solution for the arts developed by Fractured Atlas. is a hosted version of ATHENA – the open source software platform for the cultural sector that Fracture Atlas has been working on.

Fractured Atlas is a non-profit organisation that serves artists and arts organisations. Its programs and services offer vital support to artists and arts organizstions which it helps to function more effectively as businesses by providing access to funding, healthcare, education, and more. provides cloud-based event ticketing and relationship management for artists and arts organizations. Sell tickets, collect donations, track your patrons, and build your audience using a set of simple online tools. The basic service is free – we cover our costs through a modest $2 per ticket surcharge, which only applies to credit card sales processed via (free events and cash sales are free).

A development to watch with interest.

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So you want a CRM solution for a small business?

Here is a quick review of just five of the increasing diversity of web based CRM solutions coming online. We just need to solve the integration of ticketing transactions and maybe we have an audience development solution for the arts and entertainment industries?

Salesforce Alternatives: 5 CRM Services for Small Businesses

  1. Zoho CRMFree for up to three users; $12-per-user-per-month
  2. LandslideStarting at $29 per user per month for up to five users
  3. SugarCRMStarting at $360 per user per year
  4. Insight.lyFree for up to three users and 200MB storage
  5. Stitch LabsStarting at $12 per month for one user

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The Influences of Mobile Commerce on Shopping Behaviour

Diane Greig Senior Partner @CultureSparks spotted this article: 4 Ways Smartphones Are Changing Consumer Shopping Behavior    

Two-thirds of smartphone or tablet owners have used their devices to make purchases and more than 80% have used them to help in the purchase decision.

The L.E.K. Consulting Mobile Commerce Survey identified four trends that businesses should monitor:

  1. Price Harmonization:
  2. Deeper Customer Relationships:
  3. Social Media Influence:
  4. Flash Retailers:

Download the full Report online here>>

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